A City Boost is a three-hour activity, starting in a museum and followed by a walk along special places in beautiful Amsterdam.
Through the surprising questions in our 'app' you will discover more about your walking partner, yourself and the city of Amsterdam.
We hope that the questions, which are inspired by Amsterdam's core values, will lead to a beautiful and different conversation with a special focus on each other.



get a sneak peak - our mini boost

The foundation of For the Love of Amsterdam is dedicated to bringing
excitement and energy back to the museums and hospitality venues.
Therefore, we collaborated with them to develop City Boosts.
But with the museums still closed, we created a sneak preview,
especially for you:
our Mini Boost.

Experience the Mini Boost from For the Love of Amsterdam for two.
The Mini Boost is a kind of app with surprising questions and facts
inspired by the Amsterdam motto.

The best way to experience the Mini Boost is
by taking a stroll through Amsterdam.
Our advice: just try it!


our city BOOSTs



Entrepreneurial Spirit

what others EXPERIENCED

"It was heart-warming. The walk and conversations are an ideal way to get to know this special city, your fellow walkers and, last but not least, yourself."
"I found it so special to do this with three strangers. Sincere and connecting"
"The City Boost is sociable, informative and thought-provoking in a special way. Moreover, doing something like this together with your daughter is very special."
"Now that I've met the  entrepreneur I'm helping with my contribution, teh do good factor is even higher"

calling all fans of Amsterdam

Do you love Amsterdam?
That feeling is totally mutual.
You and your encounters color the city.
And the city brings energy.
Our City Boosts challenge you on a different view.

 This is what we want to give you and the city.

What to expect?
With the City Boost, you start in one of the participating museums and engage in a conversation while walking around. Then you will take a walk of about an hour through a special part of the city. The step-by-step guide (on your phone) will ask you reflective and surprising questions and provide new insights for both you and your conversation partner(s). A City Boost takes about 3 hours in total and 2 drinks are included.

Especially for you: For the love of Amsterdam.
The For the Love of Amsterdam Foundation offers fans of Amsterdam three City Boosts, each with a typical Amsterdam theme: freedom, tolerance, and entrepreneurial spirit. A City Boost is the perfect way to get new energy, learn more about the city, and enrich yourself with new topics of conversation.

The For the Love of Amsterdam Foundation consists of an occasional team of volunteer professionals, all passionate fans of Amsterdam. We started the foundation during the corona period to support the museums and hospitality industry and to give participants new energy. We have since discovered that our City Boosts unlock the city in such a special way and that the conversations people have based on our questions provide so much energy, that we might be doing it just especially for all the people who love the city.
New energy. A different view. For you. For Amsterdam.

Join For the love of Amsterdam!