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Wil je graag nieuwe mensen ontmoeten of ga je liever op pad met vrienden?
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Vrijheid, Tolerantie of Ondernemersgeest
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what is a city boost

For €7,50 a City Boost offers a unique experience in Amsterdam, for 2-4 people. 

Starting in a museum, you'll use the City Boost step-by-step guide (on your own phone) to kick off your conversation, visit the museum together, and take a guided walk through a special part of the city. A City Boost takes about 3 hours in total and the reflective and personal questions are sure to provide new insights for both you and the city! 

The City Boost is based on a typical Amsterdam value: freedom, tolerance or entrepreneurial spirit. These values create interesting themes for joyful, surprising and reflective conversations. 

City Boosts not only provide you with new energy, you also support the city. The proceeds flow back to the museums with whom we work. 

With 1 City Boost you receive a link that can be opened on 1 phone, so with 1 ticket you can take 2 to 4 people on a trip.     


1. Send an e-mail with your details to and let us know which theme you would like to choose, the number of people you want to go with, and the preferred date and time. We will then set to work to arrange this for you.
2. After payment you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
3. On the day of your City Boost you will receive an e-mail with a link to the step-by-step guide to use on your phone.
4. Then you are ready to experience a great boost. Have fun!



Do you feel free? How do you expand your freedom?

This City Boost starts at a location that is almost certainly an undiscovered gem: The Embassy of the Free Mind. Of the 3 City Boosts it is the most reflective one and the various locations you visit and pass by are outstanding.

The conversation centers around what you experience as freedom and how you may be limited by your own beliefs.

After this City Boost you will feel like you've lost pounds, feel happy and free. Experience it yourself.



How tolerant are you? Towards your friends and towards strangers?

This City Boost starts in Ons' lieve Heer op Solder and unfolds itself in and around the Red Light District. It will help you to refresh your own value system.

Do you ever endeavor outside your own social bubble?

This City Boost contains the most playful elements and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Would you dare to start a conversation with a complete stranger? Or better ... have a coffee?

This City Boost will certainly provide you with a story-to-tell.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Which new beginnings do you dream of?

If you've ever been at the National Maritime Museum before; we promise you this time will be different.

The coffee-to-go location that you will visit during you walk is a true gem and the dynamics of the Marine site will immediately inspire your entrepreneurial spirit.

The conversations in this City Boost let you reflect on what you could do to improve your entrepreneurial spirit - for work or your personal life.

This City Boost stimulates you to discover and to push forward.