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For organizations we offer the Team Boost, a unique experience that allows your colleagues to meet again in ‘real-life’ and experience something special together.
With the Team Boost your team will explore the typical Amsterdam value of Entrepreneurial Spirit with the support of a step-by-step guide. The total session will take approximately 3 hours.
The sessions kick off at the inspiring National Maritime Museum where participants will be provided with fun, engaging and reflective questions.
Team Boosts can be organized during office hours or in the weekends. Following the COVID guidelines, a group will consist of a maximum of 4 people.
The net proceeds of these Team Boosts will flow back to the participating musea and hospitality venues.
And do good! For every Team Boost group we will invite one citizen of Amsterdam that truly needs a City Boost free of charge. We cooperate with the municipality of Amsterdam for these invitations.
€225 per group of 4
Yes, we are inteREsted!
Would you like a Team Boost that is tailored especially to your organization and teams?
We are happy to design a City Boost tailored for your organization.
Our objective is to bring something positive and human in this time and support the city. All customized City Boosts needs to contribute to these aim.
This City Boost will be designed in close cooperation with the location(s) involved.
Als dank voor het harde werken, als origineel verjaardagskado of als kado voor de feestdagen: een energy boost in deze Corona tijden.
De ontvangers kunnen zelf de City Booster boeken met een voucher
De tijdslots voor de City Boosters zijn zowel op werkdagen als in het weekend
Kosten per voucher: € 60,-. Deze inleg vloeit terug naar de betrokken musea en horecaondernemers
v.a. €60,-

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