about us

For the love of Amsterdam was conceived and created by fans of Amsterdam who want to bring something human and positive to these Corona times. We are an ad-hoc team of professionals who voluntarily invest our skills, time and love in this platform. Read our manifesto for more information.

Without the help of countless other people and companies we would never have succeeded. You can find them under the button: Without them.....


After almost 3 years starring at the geraniums due to an accident I can now finally contribute to something meaningful and compelling again. I make a deep bow to all the helpers and creators who made it possible for me to realize this idea.


Together with Jacha, I have rediscovered the city in recent months as a great source and boost of energy. I would like to pass on this feeling to everyone who loves the city and just like me wants to get out and about again.


Designing value propositions. Shaping customer experience. Determine approach. Building a brand. Working with friends and creating something that matters because it has a positive impact on you and our city of Amsterdam. What more could one wish for?


The city makes the people make the city. Now that this alliance is under pressure, I would like to contribute to this creative idea. An idea with which we are not only giving a nice answer to the challenges of today. But hopefully we can also continue to celebrate the consolidated creativity of the museums.


It is an honor for me to contribute to this fantastic initiative. I am an enthusiastic doer and prefer to contribute to products or services that make the world (Amsterdam in this case) a little more beautiful.


Connecting is something very special. And how wonderful that the core of this project is about connecting; through real conversation, with each other and with the city. Now that the project and the boosts are in place, I hope it gives you good energy and beautiful inspiration too. Just like it does for me.


As a Communication Studies student, I enjoy studying different applications, consequences and forms of communication. All my communication skills come together wonderfully in this wonderful initiative. Connecting people (both online and offline) by combining a corporate and persuasive communication strategy. An incredible challenge, with an inspiring end result.

Without them

Astrid van den Oetelaar, Bart Onclin, Claire de Lange, Danny Vesters, Evelien Witlox, Hanneke van Rooijen, Jennis Jongerius, Jeroen Schilte, Jonathan Brown, Karin van Gilst, Kristel Vrolijk, Lisanne van Mervennée, Maarten van Buuren, Maartje Brünken, Marthe van Andel, Michel van Duyvenbode, Nina Kuijf, Pascale Simons, Peggy Laurs, Pepijn Hentenaar, Saba Dad, Samia Guessabi, Stefan Schoemaker, Sterre Witlox, Sylvia Melzer, Tijmen van Rooijen, Tjeertje Vlaskamp.
Boontje Advocaten, Duif & Bode, KB Notarissen, Lab3, Marqup, WLP Law.